IM for Business.

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Your customers want to IM you.

It’s fact.

It's the fastest growing technology of all time.

It's the one interface that everyone with a smartphone knows.

People from all parts of the world have voted with their thumbs on an interface we know as chat*.

Instant messaging.


An input bar, chat bubbles and a send button.

It’s the big thing right now.

But can they chat with you?

And will you chat back?

Can you IM back?

Are you showing up for your customer?

Can your business say IM ready?

Are you giving your customers a direct line to your business?

X&Go is IM for business.

Get multiple people to chat with your customers at any single point in time.

Send cards, record messages, view chat history.

Make notes, set reminders, automate future texts.

And most importantly, communicate with your customers in the way that they want to communicate!

With IM.

* 1. Phone calls and emails are used by teens under 10% of the time – Ben Evans (2014), Mobile is eating the world.

* 2. Instant messaging apps will account for 75% of mobile messaging traffic, or 63T messages – Juniper Research (2018).

Would you like to be #IM_Ready?
X&Go is the only commercially available IM solution.